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Swap the Scroll  : October 'Living Meditation' Challenge

What : Join our group and  spend 30 days with us doing a Scroll Swap!

 Take some time everyday for the next 30 days to step away from endlessly scrolling on digital devices in exchange for
more meaningful or recharging activities.

If you like, share your experiences within a virtual talking stick circle on the Signal App.


When :  whatever time of day works best for you to spend time away from digital devices and  instead drop more fully into a Living Medation where we are more deeply enjoying everyday life experiences.  

Then pop into the virtual talking stick circle on the "Signal App"
shortly after to share about your experiences with your practice.

There will be several question prompts to inspire the sharing

Where : From Anywhere in the World


About the Circle :
Coming together in Circle is designed to amplify the experience by Swapping the Scroll together and sharing our revelations in a collective environment of discovery.
We will be amping up our individual energy through the synergy of the group.

This is  a way to stir up the wisdom we all have collectively about scrolling habits
and sharing it in ways that will help us all.

The hope is that we will all be fueled by the Circle to experience
beyond what we could on our own.


How to Participate :

1 ) Commit to doing your own Swap the Scroll Practice this month

Click here to Request to Join the Community Challenge Circle on the Signal App via Email

(if on the mobile app, press and hold link to pop up new mail message to

or Send a text to the Front Desk at 615.258.4101 to Join


3) Show Up Starting October 1st to the group and see what unfolds this month when we
Swap the Scroll more often and enjoy the moments of our lives more fully.  
The Swap the Scroll Challenge group will close October 30th


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