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Hello!  Our App is here to give you quick easy notifications about our upcoming programs and allow you to  RSVP from the app!



Make sure to click on "Invitations" to choose which program updates you want to receive.

This app is the exclusive place to get notifications about our upcoming programs.  
Click to set up which notifications you want to receive.  


This app was designed especially for our Membership Circle to get the latest program updates before events, including when to arrive, what to bring, and what our evenings themes will be.   

Check out calendar each month to see what we have scheduled.

Book session phone mock up.png

If you are in the Community Circle you can RSVP for our weekly programs right in the app.


If you have a 'Private Retreat' Season Pass you can schedule your sessions.

* Note *

Make sure to have notifications on to receive these notifications.
This app is the EXCLUSIVE & FREE way to get Updates.
We created it to serve our guests.

Have a great day and enjoy the convenience of this App.


or Text us at 615.258.4101

if you need help registering for any of the programs.

See you soon Globally or in the Nashville at The Divine Life Playhouse

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